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Join the Misplaced Adventures!

Misplaced Adventures is a shared universe with six authors coming together to write in one world. First created by Kevin Pettway for his Misplaced Mercenaries series, the Misplaced Adventures universe has been expanded to include multiple ongoing series by:

-Jen Bair with the Hettie Stormheart series

-Jessica Raney with the Huntress and Harvester series

-William LJ Galaini with the Invasion of the Chromium series

-Ethan Cooper with The Kin series

-CM Smith with the Pick’s Pocket series

-Kevin Pettway with the Wrong Way series.

You can check out the first book in my Hettie Stormheart series below.

Cover image of One Good Eye by Jen Bair

One Good Eye

is all you need.

“You’ve got better eyes…well, eye, than me,” Hettie said. “Can you see what that is?”

“That joke about the one eye never gets old, but no matter how sharp my vision is, it doesn’t let me see through people.”

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Not sure where to start? Each series can be read independently. (But keep an eye out for Easter eggs if you read more than one!) For a taste of each author’s unique characters and writing style, check out our introductory anthology, Last Night at the Jolly Chicken, which features a short story from each author to help you determine which characters you want to follow first.

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