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Misplaced Adventures

One Good Eye

Hettie Stormheart is the eldest daughter of a powerful witch. With the help of her 27 sisters, a feathered friend, a pirate navy, and a talking eyeball, she must save new allies from an invading army of beast-men.

Wrong Way to Heaven

Masika is the daughter of a diplomat. She’s discovered a pair of ex-gods in a dungeon and is determined to fulfill her desperate quest to help them find their way home, even if it destroys her family in the process.

A Seed Once Sown

Mags is a legend, a hunter who never misses her mark. For 300 years, she’s harvested souls for the bickering gods who “gifted” her a magical blue scythe for a hand. She has one last mission to complete, but it will cost her.

Chromium Rise

Arvin, a talented alchemist, seeks out war chief Evrick after being orphaned. Evrick wants to unite a desert of warring tribesmen into a legitimate country. The key lies in an ancient underground ruin and when Arvin unlocks its secret, the world pays in blood.

Beer For My Corpses

Pickett is an accidental swamp witch trying to keep her ramshackle bar afloat with the help of her good friend Edie. Amid loan sharks hunting for payment and undead party crashers, Pickett is hard-pressed to pay her debt despite the tricks up her sleeves.

All Hail the Kin

Leila and Tyrac are members of the Kin, a cult of worshippers living in a secret compound in the woods. Tasked with delivering twin teens to a distant realm, they must set aside their crumbling relationship to navigate the treacherous world beyond their home.