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Abandoned places can be intriguing, creepy, and forsaken, but are they always empty? In this fourth anthology in the Legion of Dorks presents series, fifteen authors poke around in vacant places and let us see what turns up. You’ll discover the wreckage of an enormous, ancient, alien craft and what it hides, a young woman looking for a shopkeeper, but who runs into a genie instead, an old researcher who travels to a hidden island, an AI satellite that rebels against its programming, a dragonling that threatens the safety of a kingdom, and so much more.

This collection celebrates both wizards and wolves—often in the same story—as it peels back the layers of what it means to be transformed. You’ll read stories of wolves of all kind, plus a wizard passing on his legacy before he dies, and a hockey game played to reclaim part of a stolen soul. You’ll find a twist on the familiar story of a young girl in a red cape, and a tale of a pinball machine that is more than it appears to be. This anthology is dedicated to the late, great David Farland. See what Publisher’s Weekly has to say about it here.

Down a forgotten hallway lie rooms no one has entered. Each room contains a world waiting to be explored. Some beautiful and full of wonder, other dark and full of terrors. You won’t know which until you step inside.
While most anthologies are developed around a specific theme, this does not. It is an eclectic mix of fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and everything in between. From dragons to pirates to computers, this book has you covered with stories from award winning, bestselling authors to those just dipping their toes in the writing world.

Gather your pennies to bid for the last two jars of peaches for sale in an apocalyptic future. Grab a slice of pizza guaranteed to bring you love. Dig into a pasta dish so flavorful, you’d swear it was some kind of witchcraft. For dessert, choose between a slice of chocolate cream pie worth dying for and a life-sized gingerbread house—just make sure it’s not occupied first. This collection of nineteen stories is packed full with hearty plots, meaty characters, and a surprising and mysterious twist at the end to serve as the perfect dessert. 

Misspelled is the third anthology in the Legion of Dorks presents series. These books are put together with love and a generous heart as a way to give back. So 50 percent of all proceeds goes to charity. For Misspelled: Magic Gone Awry, you’ll experience a magical ER where curses abound, an ancient fairy godmother whose hearing isn’t what it used to be, a little girl who summons the monster under her bed on purpose, an apprentice magician who discovers all magic isn’t illusion, and so much more.

Travel with a man on his search for a treasure that is more than he bargained for. Sail with a queen as she travels across the sea in a desperate attempt to save her kingdom and her newborn babe. Go on a spiritual quest with a young tribe member who believes in mermaids. Fly with a princess across the skies in her inexplicably floating castle. Explore Death from the dead’s point of view. Re-visit the Old West as a cowboy and his partner travel east one last time. Find these and more in this collection of epic journeys.